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I cannot see where the Pureology Shampoo is?

"Get a Carl's Jr. Bourbon Burger and Pureology Shampoo in this week's free stuff!"

Question did anyone ever receive the Real bacon Jerky from the Finney's Friday free stuff offer ?. We had an order confirmation but never received the product.. On the Mountain n Geyserville

No I never did get the real bacon jerky either. Just wanted out names for the mailing list maybe.

i'm looking for the Claimjumper coupon to send to my elderly mother but i can't find it anywhere. i have searched archives by month and also under free stuff.

i assume the reason i didn't receive my coupon for a free bag of coffee is that the stupid post office (redundant) doesn't pick up mail at the times indicated on the collection boxes, causing at least a one-day delay in FFFS's receipt of my request.

HI Michael: I so would like to get the Painting of the Golden Gate Bridge shown on TV This afternoon. Hope this is the way to go about it.
Ralph Silveira
2533 Kelly St. #7
Hayward CA 94541

Thank you and please keep up the Good work. We Love you man.

I also received foods with foreign objects in it at LiZhau restaurant in Fremont

This week, I received the SASE unsealed and wide open with, of course, no coupon in it. This coupon was one I really wanted too! It was, I'm assuming, the coupon for the jug of Safeway clothes washing detergent. Very upset. I've never had any problem before. Just sucks!

No we never got teh Real Bacon Jerky either although also got a confirmation. Considering it has been 6 weeks, I've given up.

Pretty upset that the Softlips lip balm just arrived- $1.27 POSTAGE DUE since it is considered a PARCEL. Even though it weighs only .8 ounce it cannot be considered a letetr as it is bulky, not flat.

That means I spent $2.15 (two 44 cent stamps plus $1.27) to get a "free" item. Considering that I can get a full size lip balm for 99 cents at the drugtsore without waiting in a long line at the post office this was NOT a good deal.

Did anyone else have this bad experience?

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