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I did not know that! Next time I ago to a fast food restaurant I will look for a secret fast food items.

That secret McMenu item looks delicious. Going to check this out.

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In a Russian restaurant in Chicago, I once had a bottled beer called
Okocim Porter. Delicious. I also tried a different dark beer called
?ywiec Porter that was almost as good. Both are bottled beers and
both are dark Porters.
My question is: are either of these beers available in the UK?
Perhaps there's a 'beers of the world shop' somewhere, or perhaps a
Polish shop that imports them? I've tried Google and tried 2 local
Polish shops - to no avail. Ideas?

If you are lucky enough to get to Vancouver, you can visit the staff at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden, 2150 Maple Street, and see how they take care of the urban landscape. You can see their compost toilet, green roof, cob shed, organic food garden, permeable lane, natural lawn, waterwise garden, worm and backyard composter and more.

For our reading class we have to make a food for the theme of our book. My theme is adventure. So what food can I make for adventure thats not to hard and expensive?

I like reading about fast cars, is something that excites me, the Drenaline, the emotion you feel, I participate in amateur races at a young age because it is something that I love.
Wayne S. Bluhm
1269 Jennifer Lane
Durham, NC 27 703

Think about your relationship to food and the role it plays in your life. Think also about donating some time or money or food to a local food bank, if you do not do so already. It could be a life changing event for all involved.

Not exactly related to this post but... are you going to discuss the possible revival of the Fairness Doctrine? It sounds like a law being passed in Atlas Shrugged.

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A select few are in on the secret and now you are a part of this culinary elite. We aren't just talking about the barely secret In-N-Out Burger "hold the bread, lettuce wrapped burger,” oh no. We have items all over town, including an unhealthy smoothie at Jamba Juice and a San Francisco-only Mc10:35. The Consumerist is all over this, and now you can be too.

Did you know that the fast food and casual dining restaurants you eat in every day have secret menu items? A select few are in on the secret and now you are a part of this culinary elite.

How excited. Who woulda thought that this existed.

Mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I'm more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful.

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