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This credit report card said it does not need your credit card information..but it will not let you finish without it....False Advertising!!!

The link asks for a CODE. What is the "code"?

I also was asked for the code and then given an 800 number to call. They wanted to have payment upfront to provide the score to register for a service which then needs to be canceled within 30 days.
Technically free...but really you must be disciplined to cancel the product after receiving your "Free" credit score.
SO it's free after you do the work of signing up, making the call, pulling out the credit card, paying for the service before your receive the score. Then you receive the score and THEN YOU MUST FOLLOW THROUGH with canceling the order.
I have hobbies that take less time than this. :-D

Yeah what is the code?

no credit card or code needed. Just submit when it asks you to put a code. It works!

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