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I think 7,500 $ is reasonable amount of TAX at least for Chevy Volt.

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I'd rather just shoot 'em on the run!

Yeah it's good to make sure by making that call and follow it up every time you think of it. That's still a lot and money doesn't grow on trees we all know that.

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Those taxes are really high. I think right now these taxes are legal and it still benefits us all.

It may be granted in recognition of taxes already paid, as a subsidy, or to encourage investment or other behaviors. In some systems tax credits are 'refundable' to the extent they exceed the relevant tax. Tax systems may grant tax credits to businesses or individuals, and such grants vary by type of credit.

I have also heard that there are taxes on the regulations made on cars. Is this true?

The taxes are getting higher and higher on cars. But, hope that it will return to the citizens and must used well.

It's either buy an electric car or not. I agree with the posts above.

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