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R Reid Decker

News item idea: (Maybe even on National TV?) In light of the current budget crisis and economy, people should know how much money we have (borrowed) and spent in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. I'm angry about this...it needs to stop! If people know what we COULD have done with this money at home...maybe they would get out and vote for someone that could and will make a difference and get this country and State back on track?

would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about developing this tory idea. Thanks!

I hear all the talk about the budget at the State and now the Federal level. It would be interesting to let the audience know how much we have spent IN TOTAL on the "wars" in the Middle-east. I found a link which provides that info in a non-bias way, with a running calculator on the up-to-date amount. Just think of what we could (or could have done) with all that money here at home! Wars go away and bombs don't provide to quality of life. Infrastructure, jobs at home would seem to be a better focus and use of American treasure. They are always talking about cutting this and that (Social Security, National Healthcare...everything!) I can't tell you how many pot-hole I hit everyday now when I drive on 101. I usually am a pretty mellow dude, but when I see how much of our tax dollars are wasted on stupid wars that we will NOT benefit from, itI has me angry! The average person should be angry too. I voted for Obama, and thought he would end the wars and focus at home....Guess not!

Address this:

"How much IN TOTAL, -to date-, have we spent on the wars in the MiddleEast?" (What could have been done here with that amount of money instead?) Maybe give some example of what could have been done...like New trains, Fix Social Security, Pay for a real National Health Plan . Feed some homeless, FIX AND BUILD infrastructure. Build renewable energy tech, bring jobs back HOME!

Lets get people thinking BEFORE the next election! http://zfacts.com/p/447.html

HERE IS another story idea:
" How much money was spent to bring Barry Bonds to trial?" (Why are we spending so much on this STUPID issue when we have SEVERE budget issues that the money could better used for?) Why should the government be involved with this? (Let Baseball deal with it!)

Reid Decker - Novato , Ca - 415-382-8626

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