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This is true unless you are on a desert and then you will need to take some air out the tires in order not to sink in the sand.

i always figure the car's doorjamb doesn't know what tires i'm using and the posted pressure is always low, designed to provide comfort to bourgeois bottoms and results in poor mileage. after getting 3 flats in 2 weeks i decided to replace the expensive originals that the Toyota dealer always told me could not be repaired, with the cheapest models i could get. the other trick they play is telling you that your tires have already been repaired too many times and you have to buy new ones. i just fill up to the maximum in an attempt to get something approaching decent mpg.

after getting 3 flats in 2 weeks i decided to replace the expensive originals that the Toyota dealer always told me could not be repaired, with the cheapest models i could get.

I check tyre pressures monthly, and before any long trip. And I correct the tyre pressures if they no longer correspond to the pressures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Anyway, keep posting!

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This is true unless you are on a desert and then you will need to take some air out the tires in order not to sink in the sand.

Tires are one of the most important components of our cars. Tires are the only thing that attach our cars to the road, and tire problems affect your car's ride comfort, handling and safety.

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If you buy your tires from a tire center, make sure the price quoted includes installation as well as wheel balancing, and be aware that getting new tires doesn't necessarily mean you need a wheel alignment, check the uniformity of wear of your current tires.

Right tire pressure saves you money on gas and extends the life of your tires. You would hate it to see that one side of tire worn off while otherside is perfectly alright.

If it is your intention to use a similar terrain on ATV for the majority of the time, and it is not that much of climate change on the use of it possible that you continue to use your stock ATV tires.

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It is sometimes hard to find the right tire pressure for your car, you have to see first how your car behave when travel in different types of tyres.

Don't inflate tires to the pressure shown on the tire's sidewall, that's the maximum pressure the tire can safely hold.

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