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This is shameful, economic discrimination. "Don't want blackmarketers buying the IPads. Like someone is going to walk in and buy 100 IPads with $50K in cash. Come on! I think the reason is more nefarious...Apple is tieing the credit card information to the machines for future marketing purposes...

Moxey you are so right about tieing the CC into the ongoing marketing account. Everything is headed in that direction. They create a machine that will not function without having an online account. There is not even a concept of privacy as there is with a typical PC or Apple computer. Just wait for the tons of charges on CC's for apps they "dont remember ordering, kid stole my Ipad and surfed for porn etc."

Sad world going forward it seems.

This is BULL SH"" if cash is not good enough for Apple's over priced garbage made in CHINA. I will NEVER buy another APPLE product!!!!!!

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thanks for sharing!

Nice piece. I'd be interested to find out more of your thoughts on this issue.

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