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Stay home you cheap bastard. Pukes like you who go on vacation need to have your head examimed if you are penny pinching. Vegas never has been cheap if you want to enjoy yourself and have fun. You say nothing that shows are half price, or travel by air is good.

A guy like you talks a know it all game about Las Vegas, but you know nothing.

It would not surprise me that you have spent most of your time in strip clubs seeing what you have never had in your life.

Take a trip to SF Zoo stupid I hear peanuts are $5.00 a bag.

With all due respect, the days of the $1 drinks were pretty much gone when I moved here in 1993. (The Plaza downtown was a holdout on that until around 2000).

And... Casino Royale still has $1 bottled beer (varies) and $1 frozen margaritas 24/7 right there on the Las Vegas Strip.

Food and drink specials ABOUND downtown. Just walk around. Want a big pizza and pitcher of beer? $10 at Benny's Bullpen in Binion's. $1.99 still buys the huge shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate. $2 Heineken or Corona at Fremont Hotel. Too many more to list.

On top of that, you did not factor in inflation at all. You cite prices from 20 years ago and then are shocked that they have gone up! (Despite the room rates being at 1990 prices in many instances here in Las Vegas).

Plus, the savvy Vegas visitor doesn't buy his liquid refreshment at the bar. Most hotel sundry shops have a full liquor section (cold beer, wine, hard liquor) and much more modest prices and no tip needed. Also, stores like 7-11, ABC, and other similar convenience stores on The Strip are great places to buy your bottled water, soft drinks, and beer and more realistic prices.

Per a drink costing you more at a video poker machine? Maybe not. If you play properly, you are only giving away (on average) about a nickel per play (at $1.25 a pull). It would take 80 plays to (once again on average) lose the $4.00. Note: Those are averages. Sometimes you may lose quickly. Other times you'll be up and walk away a winner.

Look... if I vacationed in San Francisco, I'd have to pay the same drink prices you are citing at any decent bar. Oh... except that I'd still be paying through the NOSE for a hotel room. Look at what brand new hotels like Ario, Palazzo, and Encore are charging per night for some of the nicer rooms in the world. Then look at what a comparable hotel in San Francisco (or New York City or Miami) would cost. Not even close.

A Las Vegas vacation is still a bargain with no equal. If you are just not the kind of guy who enjoys Las Vegas, don't come. Vacation somewhere else (and pay a lot more money)!

Ted Newkirk
Managing Editor

This coming from a man who lives in a tourist town where parking for an hour is more than that coke. A room at Motel 6 is almost $100. Every store entrance comes with its very own homeless person and their pet, asking for money.

Yea, compared to your tourist meccas, Vegas is a rip off...

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