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There is also a good site for New Zealand and Australia that offers a service where you drive rental cars back to locations where they are needed. The rental cost is free and I believe the gas is paid as well. The website is http://www.transfercar.co.nz/

Investigate UC Berkeley senior management. UC Berkeley (UCB) pulls back access to instate Californians. Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau displaces Californians qualified for public Cal. with a $50,600 payment from foreign students. And, foreign student tuition is subsidized in the guise of diversity while instate student tuition/fees are doubled.

Affordability: Birgeneau doubles instate tuition

UCB is not increasing enrollment. Birgeneau accepts $50,600 foreign students and displaces qualified instate Californians (When depreciation of assets funded by Californians are in foreign and out of state tuition calculations, out of state and foreign tuition is more than $100,000 + and does NOT subsidize instate tuition). Like Coaches, Chancellors Who Do Not Measure-Up Must Go.

More recently, Chancellor Birgeneau’s campus police deployed violent baton jabs on students protesting Birgeneau’s tuition increases. The sky will not fall when Birgeneau and his $450,000 salary are ousted. Opinions make a difference; email UC Board of Regents marsha.kelman@ucop.edu

Better bargains than travel sites: Bring up city you want to visit on Google maps, close in on area of city you want to stay, then type in hotels, and hundreds of spots will develop. click on them and follow uo on indicated websites for hundreds of lower cost, family and locally run inns and small hotels. Most of them can be reserved right on their own web sites. You can drag down the Google little yellow man to get a street view of the hotel and check out the area and nearby restaurants and other shops in the area before you reserve it or take a virtual walk to sites from your hotel ahead of time. Its fun and easy!

Travel sites will definetly save you money as they cut corners connecting the whole saler and the buyer. B2c travel web sites are defintely the answer.

The profoundest thought or passion sleeps as in a mine until an equal mind and heart finds and publishes it.Birth is much, but breeding is more.

The profoundest thought or passion sleeps as in a mine until an equal mind and heart finds and publishes it.Birth is much, but breeding is more.

What we acquire without sweat we give away without regret.Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Cleaning can be a challenge for some self-contained models since they don’t have removable bowls. Also try to avoid any ice cream makers with canisters that have crevices where milk can sit and spoil.

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